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Custom Designs

It’s not everyday you get to wear clothing that fits your body just right!

While most brands stick to the standard “small,” “medium,” & “large” sizes, and that’s all they’ll ever offer...

But at HS Styles, we believe in creating SUSTAINABLE designer fashion that fits your body perfectly!

All of our items can be customized in...

-Size, with your specific measurements.

-Color selection.

-Fabric selection.

...If you have a passion for high-fashion, beautiful fabrics, and helping the planet through charity, and by using eco-friendly materials, the HS Styles Custom Collection is second to none!

Too many companies produce fast-fashion for short-term profits, and cause so much damage to our planet, it can feel like we’re fighting a losing battle.

But the GOOD news is, people are waking up to issues plaguing our planet.

Now it’s EASIER than ever to protect the people, animals, and habitats being harmed by big corporations and their evil business tactics.

And it all starts with you, and the choices you make...

Want a custom piece of your own? Please email your request along with your measurements to

And remember… #WearSlow

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