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The time has come for you to get into “alignment” with the forces of nature... However you choose help this planet, be it through plant based eating, meditation, conservation, etc., there’s one practice that embodies the spirit of connecting with “the source”... This ancient art-form is none other than Yoga!   

For us, and many other people, Yoga is a way of life… which is the way it was meant to be. It has so many health benefits it’s ridiculous. But what does this have to do with our collection?

Besides using ECO-FRIENDLY, earth conscious materials, I wanted to give women a sense of style, comfort, and SIMPLICITY. So even if you don’t practice the wonderful art of Yoga, you can still be cute & comfortable during work-out sessions. Or just enjoy lounging around in your HS Styles gear. ;-)

Even a simple act of kindness set off a chain reaction throughout the universe. So when you’re good to yourself and our world, “good things” will eventually make its way back to you. So the very act of you wearing this collection and others, sends a POWERFUL message to the universe! It says that you’re now part of the solution, instead of the problems that plague our planet!

To most brands and the people that follow them, this is just another wasteful trend waiting to be exploited. But we’re not most brands, and you’re not like most people… You’re a GOOD person who cares about others and the effects us humans have on the environment.

It’s up to us to make changes… Now you can look good while doing it. ;-)

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-Hanalei Swan

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Yoga Crop Top & Capri Long Pants Set


Yoga Crop Top

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