About Hanalei

International Speaker, Author, Fashion Designer, Artist, Model, World Traveller 

HS Styles | 11 years old | HanaleiSwan.com

I was one year old when I left the USA to travel abroad with my parents. In that time we have visited and lived in 6 continents and over 36+ countries. Most people think I have grown up different than other kids my age but I think it’s pretty normal. I’ve attended schools in countries like Brazil, Panama, Peru, Mexico, and Indonesia and have had the opportunity to see some incredible places and things. 

I’ve made friends from around the world, Every day is new adventure. With new friends, new sights and new lessons. I like to encourage people to feel confident. To feel happy, healthy and beautiful. Because a lot of people deal with fear in their life. And unfortunately there’s no quick way to go through it. But for me… 

A beautiful dress can make anyone feel… powerful. 

My passion has always been art… and fashion. Travelling this much definitely introduced me to a lot of styles, textiles, colors, and designs. The pollera of Panama, Moroccan Kaftans, to Balinese Kebaya sarongs. I am inspired by them all. 

My goal is to help women and young girls love themselves and feel beautiful in their skin. I have always wanted to help people. And that's exactly what my message and collection will do. Make people happy.

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