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HS Styles "Signature" Hoodies

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There's no better way to show your swagger than with the HS Styles "Signature" Hoodies...

When it comes to high-fashion and comfort, our focus was simple.

...A hoodie  that not only represents our brand with elegance and style, but feels amazing to your skin too!

This SUPER-SOFT shirt, is great to wear during the day, yet versatile enough to be worn to places & events where your "look" matters...

Because first impressions last a lifetime, showing off your CHIC new Hanalei Swan shirt sends a POWERFUL message to all who cross your path.

You're a trendsetting fashionista that loves to set the runway (anywhere you walk) on fire, and a woman of substance, who cares deeply about health and the state of the world's ecosystems. 

While most would settle for what's "in", and easily fall for toxic, fast-fashion gimmicks, you blaze your own path...

Because there's greatness within you, and the HS Styles "Signature" Hoodie will show that with any skirt, pants, or accessories you pair it with.

Grab your shirt while supplies last... 

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*We donate a portion from each sale to help girls from 3rd world countries get school uniforms. This decreases the dropout rate, which aids in reducing child pregnancy. Getting an education also improves literacy rates. This allows young girls the opportunity to become self-sufficient, and ultimately improve their overall quality of life! Thanks for getting involved and doing your part!

-Hanalei Swan. 


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HS Styles

HS Styles "Signature" Hoodies