[INTERVIEW] Talking kids, Business, & Sustainable Fashion with Jules Schroeder on The Unconventional Life Podcast!

Hey friend!

Hanalei here, and I’ve got some cool news to share with you…

I was recently interviewed by Jules Schroeder on her Unconventional Life podcast!

This show focuses on successful entrepreneurs, artists, creators, and thought leaders, and how they earn their living in non-traditional ways.

So naturally, when Jules asked me to be on her show, I was more than happy to share my story, and my ideas about sustainable fashion with her audience.

Especially after getting the chance to speak, AND do my first runway show at The Unconventional Life event!

And if you can’t tell by the video below, it was definitely one of the most memorable moments of 2018 for me…

Click Here to watch my exclusive vlog at the event!

As far as the podcast goes…


We had a great time talking about the power of beliefs, how I became a fashion designer, why taking action towards your goals RIGHT NOW is so important, and much more in this half-hour interview!


Click Here to listen to the interview on itunes now!

So how did I meet this beautiful person, and how did all of these amazing things happen in such a short time?


Basically, Jules needed an outfit for her Gold party at the Unconventional Life event that was being hosted here in Bali.


While on the hunt for the perfect dress, a mutual friend went to instagram, and showed Jules the HS Styles page. Within minutes we were connected on facebook, and the rest is history!


Here’s some of the things we talked about in the podcast:


  • How I got started as a fashion designer.

  • My very first business venture.

  • The dangerous impact humans are having on Earth.

  • What kids would be like if they were encouraged instead of being told what they can’t do.

  • ...And more!

    Like I said in this interview, I 100% believe in what I’m doing...

    And If you have a dream that you truly believe in, you have to power to make it your reality… RIGHT NOW.


    Successful people take the dreams that seem hardest, grab hold of them, and make them a real.


    So If you want to do something amazing, take action now...


    Don’t wait for tomorrow, or “later on”, because you don’t know how much time you have left on earth.


    Right now, most humans are changing this world for the worst, instead of doing something positive to help sustain LIFE!


    If we don’t get up and take drastic measures to protect the Earth, in the VERY NEAR future, all of the beautiful habitats, and animals that call them home will be extinct.


    And when they go… humans won’t be far behind…


    Thanks for reading!


    Listen to the Unconventional Life Podcast Here.



    -Hanalei Swan