It's Black Friday, and We're Giving DOUBLE!

Hey there friend!

It’s almost time... for Black Friday... the BUSIEST shopping day of the year! 

Millions of people will flock to stores for the lowest priced deals on tech, toys, video games, TV's, and if you hadn't already guessed... clothes. 

Now don't get me wrong. I love a good deal as much as everyone else, but what you don't realize is how DANGEROUS, and how much of a MASSIVE NEGATIVE IMPACT this day has on the entire world! 

How so?

For starters, did you know that fashion is the SECOND-LARGEST contributor to pollution on our planet after oil??!! Or how about this...

For every-single cotton T-shirt made, you WASTE 700 gallons of water? You heard me... 700... That's insane!

That's literally 11,200 8-ounce glasses of water... GONE FOREVER!

In other words, if you bought just one-less shirt this year, you could sustain an entire village of people for months... Maybe even longer!

Sounds easy enough, right? Well it's about to get easier...

Each time you order something from HS Styles, we donate $10 to buy school uniforms for young girls in India, Bali, and Africa. 

In these places, if a child doesn't have a uniform, they can't attend classes. This is heart-breaking.

But the good news is, when you support our brand, and the eco-fashion movement, you get to kill not two, but three "birds" (figure of speech lol) with one stone:

1.You HELP a girl get an education, escape childhood pregnancy, and escape the pitfalls of living in extreme poverty!

2.You PROTECT our fresh-water supply but wearing clothing made with earth-conscious materials, which SAVES WATER instead of wasting it!

3.You get to wear HIGH-FASHION, designer outfits, become part of slow-fashion trends, and promote sustainability! 

...All of this from doing what you already LOVE to do... shop for cute tees, hoodies, and dresses!

But that's not enough. This year we're going BIG, and doing something most companies will never do...


Instead of donating one school uniform for a child in need, we (that means you AND me) are donating two! 

And the best part is, you don't have to do anything extra. Just place your order, and for every item in your cart, TWO girls will get to go to school in a 3rd-world country... 

If you haven't realized by now, Black Friday is the largest contributor to mass consumerism and waste in the world. I want to change this by teaching people the difference between "fast" and "slow" fashion, and how they affect EVERY LIVING THING on Earth.

I also want to encourage people like yourself, to choose brands that VALUE our planet, instead of the ones that cause so much harm to it. 

Big "fast-fashion" Brands like H&M, Zara, and forever 21 are the main contributors to the endless amount of waste in landfills.

They burn over 12 tons of disposed clothing every year! I want to help change this...

So when you Click ADD TO CART this Friday, remember that HS styles a socially conscious fashion brand that uses as much environmentally friendly fabrics as possible in our designs.

And by shopping with us, you can look AND feel good about yourself, just by placing your order. ;-)

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From Bali, With Love...

-Hanalei Swan.



Join me and THOUSANDS of others by using the hashtag #WearSlow, and reduce your buying of fast-fashion by selecting brands that CARE for the environment! :-)