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Unstoppable Kids "Emblem" Hoodies

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It's chilly outside!

But you won't let a little cold air hold you back...

Why? Because you're STRONG!

And what better way to show the world how POWERFUL you really are than a bold symbol of your strength, an UNSTOPPABLE KID!

Our new UK "Emblem" hoodies will keep you warm, comfortable, and cozy,

while you go out to conquer the world, and live your dreams NOW.

...Because waiting until you "grow up", just isn't cool.  ;-)

These days, so many opportunities exist around you....

Just follow your heart, and open your mind to what's possible.

No matter what you want in life, if you can see it in your mind, you can make it a reality! 

So every time you wear the "Emblem" hoodie, you're showing people (adults included) that you belong to a special group of young people, who are leaders, creators, and protectors of the world...

When the gold UK symbol is on your chest, the message is clear,

Never let anyone tell you what you can't do because you're "just a kid". 

You are the guardian of this planet, your voice matters, and you are truly,



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*We donate a portion from each sale to help girls from 3rd world countries get school uniforms. This decreases the dropout rate, which aids in reducing child pregnancy. Getting an education also improves literacy rates. This allows young girls the opportunity to become self-sufficient, and ultimately improve their overall quality of life! Thanks for getting involved and doing your part!

-Hanalei Swan. 


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Unstoppable Kids

Unstoppable Kids "Emblem" Hoodies